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Get clean, get clean, get clean Tea Trio

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  • Set of three tins of tea bags meant to be enjoyed at different times of day
  • AM: Wake up and get clean. This tea has cucumber and dandelion leaves, both known for their cleansing properties. With gotu kola’s stimulating effect, cool spearmint and tangy lemon verbena, you'll receive a caffeine-free metabolic lift. 14 round tea bags.
  • All day: Get clean anytime. This gentle blend helps stimulate the liver to sweep toxins away. The cleansing properties of organic rooibos, milk thistle seeds and dandelion and burdock roots help get things flowing and keep the kidneys flushed, while red clover and sarsaparilla are purifiers. 14 round tea bags.
  • PM: End tge day and get clean. Two revered herbs, amila from India’s Ayurvedic medicine and schizandra from traditional Chinese medicine, bring all five flavors - sweet, salty, sour, bitter and pungent - to your evening cup. These adaptogens can help the body cope with stress while building energy reserves. Ginger root supports good digestion while monk fruit lends a sweet tooth. 14 round tea bags.