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Demdaco Grandma Dear You Scarf

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  • Light blue woman's fashion scarf with a heartfelt message in gray lettering
  • Sentiment: "We love you, grandma. You are the root of our family tree, deep and strong, the place from which everything good grows. You are the love that rings out so loudly it echoes down through generations. You are the hand that we hold, the shoulder we cry on, the smiling face we long to see whenever we’re away. Without you, and all you’ve done—without your care, your beauty, and your strength, there would be no “us” at all"
  • Dimensions: 26" wide X 72" long
  • Fiber content: 100% Polyester
  • Care: Hand wash only. Do not Bleach. Hang to dry.

Scarves are the kid of gift you give when you want your love to wrap around the recipient when they use it.  Who better to wrap with love in a cozy scarf than Grandma?  Soft and warm, this scarf is like her, and you know the best deserve the best.

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