Deviled Eggs with Pappy's Gourmet Zucchini Relish

Deviled Eggs with Pappy's Gourmet Zucchini - Smockingbird's Relish



12 hard boiled eggs

1/3 c mayo

3 tsp dijon mustard

2 Tb Pappy's Gourmet Zucchini Relish

Salt & Pepper to taste

Fresh herbs (parsley, chives, dill)

Paprika for garnish



Slice eggs in half and scoop out yolk into a small mixing bowl. Add mayo, mustard, relish and salt & pepper. Mix ingredients together while mashing the yolks.

Preparation of Deviled Eggs - Smockingbird's

Spoon the yolk mixture into the empty eggs or use a piping bag to pipe the mixture into the eggs. Sprinkle with paprika and herbs for garnish.

Serve chilled. Yum!

Bon Appetit!

Recipe courtesy of Pappy's Gourmet.