Three Easy Ways to Wear a Scarf

There are so many varieties of scarves and almost just as many ways to wear them! With cooler weather right around the corner, it’s time to start adding fall’s greatest accessory back into to your wardrobe!

Try these three scarf-tying methods, which work with any average winter scarf–whether that’s a long, skinny scarf, or a chunky blanket scarf! Smockingbird’s has a variety of scarves available online and in-store – check them out here!

The Classic Wrap

First up, the most basic method – the classic wrap. This is just about the easiest way to wear any scarf and it works with pretty much any scarf regardless of the shape! All you have to do is drape it over your neck and wrap one end around your neck once. Re-adjust so it’s centered, and both “tails” are hanging symmetrically!

 The Loop and Knot


The loop and knot is a go-to for the coldest days of winter as this is the warmest way to tie your scarf, because it’s so tight and snug to your skin that doesn’t let any cold air in!

Step #1: To begin, fold your scarf in half, so that the folded portion is at one end and two loose ends are together at the other end.

Step #2: Then, thread ONE of the loose ends through the loop. You now have one “threaded” tail and one “free” tail.

Step #3: Then, tie both “tails” together, creating a “tie the knot” look. Depending on the material of the scarf, this might be sufficient to keep it in place. Or you may need to tie it once more to keep in in place (a double knot, if you will). 

The Figure Eight

Slightly more complicated, but still quite easy to do, the figure eight can used on longer scarves to keep the tails from hanging down too long.

Step #1: Start by folding your scarf in half and draping around your neck. 

Step #2: Next, feed the top end through the loop. 

Step 3: Twist the loop to create a second hole.

Step 4: Finally, feed the bottom end through the second hole. Adjust accordingly.

Need more guidance or ideas? Check out this InStyle article “18 Easy Ways to Tie a Scarf” with video tutorials for each style.

If chunky scarves are not your thing,  Crochetlaces might be more your style. This line of handmade fiber accessories including earrings, necklaces and scarves have a beaded effect, but are made from specialty yarn which provides a soft and lightweight jewelry option.  

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