The Summer Lovin Alcoholic Gummies
Smith & Sinclair

The Summer Lovin Alcoholic Gummies

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Enjoy your favorite summer cocktails in these delicious gummies from Smiths & Sinclair. Each box contains 2 each of the following cocktail gummies: Pineapple Bellini garnished with Pineapple Sugar, Berry Daiquiri garnished with Mixed Pepper Sugar, Spicy Margarita garnished with Chili Sugar, Pina Colada garnished with Banana & Cinnamon Sugar, and Raspberry Collins garnished with Cherry Sugar. Strictly for adults, each gummy is expertly blended, like a classic cocktail, with premium spirits, fresh fruit, herbs, syrups, bitters, and coated with infused sugars.



  • 10 gummies per selection
  • 5% ABV Max
  • 14 gm per gummy
  • Vegan friendly
  • Individually wrapped
  • 36 cal per gummy


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