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Putumayo Presents New Orleans Music CD

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A celebration of jazz and blues, New Orleans style!

  1. Kermit Rubbins * Drop Me Off in New Orleans
  2. Doc Cheatham & Nicholas Payton * I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues
  3. Louis Prima * Basin Street Blues
  4. Preservation Hall Hot 4 with Duke Degan * Wrap your Troubles in Dreams
  5. Topsy Chapman and the Pros * Baby Won't YOu Please Come Home
  6. Kevin Clark and the Jazz Revolution * The Devil Done got Me Blues
  7. Louis Armstrong * Tin Roof Blues
  8. Dr. John * Basin Street Blues
  9. Dr. Michael White * Give It Up (Gypsy Second Line)
  10. Deacon John * Going Back to New Orleans
  11. Gregg Stafford & Dr. MIchael White * Bye & Bye/Saints

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