Havana Dice

Havana Dice

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Havana Dice is a stylish Cuban twist on the traditional bluffing game of Liar's Dice, also known as Dudo. Roll the dice in this push-your-luck game that is at once fast-paced and easy-to-learn.

Using poker dice and unique dice cups, players roll their own dice in secret before bidding on the number of dice under everyone's cups—but if a bluff is successfully called, the bluffer loses a die.

Poker chips act as wild dice. A player may discard them when their bid is called to act as a die with the value of their bid. Once a call is made, but before players reveal their dice, the bidder must announce that they are using one or more of their poker chips and discard them. Every discarded poker chip counts as one die of the current value.

—description from the publisher