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Amazonite Dream Catcher Necklace for Courage

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Dream Catchers, a hoop woven with a web,  were originally created by the Ojibwe Tribe and later adopted by all Native American tribes as a sign of protection.  Objects like feathers and stones were inserted into the web. It was believed that by doing so, their natural properties were amplified.

The Amazonite Dream Catcher Necklace for Courage by Soul Ku features a hexagonal point of amazonite on a beautiful illustration of a dream catcher. This amplifies the properties of amazonite which carries the energies of courage, compassion and truth.

  • A 25 x 5 millimeter hand cut faceted Amazonite hexagonal point
  • Super strong and durable Mighty Miracle nylon cord
  • Sterling silver hardware
  • FSC certified card
  • One length, 16" with a sterling silver extender allowing it to be worn up to 18"
  • Handcrafted by stay-at-home moms who earn a thriving wage
  • Beautiful card which explains the power of the gemstone is signed by Mama who made it
  • A lovely gift