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Blue Q

Cool Ass Grandpa Blue Q Men’s Crew Socks

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You know the guy: The man who’s kid has a kid and suddenly his record collection is the stuff of legends, his mustache game is on point, and everyone in the neighborhood wants the recipe to his guacamole.  This man is —  a Cool Ass Grandpa.  There’s no denying his swagger, and that’s why these Blue Q socks were made specifically for him.   


Blue Q socks are super soft, and are woven from combed cotton, nylon, and spandex to last for many, many wears, and many, many activities.  The sayings and images appear on the outside of the right foot and inside of the left foot. Blue Q donates 1% of the sales of these socks to Doctors Without Borders.

Fits Mens size 7-14
52% combed cotton, 46% nylon, and 2% spandex


Can’t be a Cool Ass Grandpa with Cold Ass Feet.

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