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Best Sellers

Some of our best sellers are not available on our website yet for a variety of reasons. Our snap jewelry, for example, is in our top 5 items but the number of snaps to choose from make it difficult to list on-line. The snap jewelry is available in bracelets and necklaces. The snaps are interchangeable and come in a variety of styles.

Snap Jewelry

Snap Jewelry - Smockingbird's

Another one of our top selling lines is Swan Creek Candles. These 100% soy candles are my personal favorite candle. Slow burning, these candles have the strongest scent throw of any candles that I've tried. They come in beautiful glass jars that can be used as a vase when the candles are gone.

Swan Creek Candles

Swan Creek Candles - Smockingbird's

One of our newest best selling items is a toy called Speak and Repeat Sloth. This little plush sloth will repeat whatever you say. He just repeats it once and then repeats the next thing that you say. He wiggle his arms too. It is so funny to watch customers respond to him. When they get laughing, he laughs. It's a riot! Battery operated, he does come with an on/off switch so that you can turn him off when needed. We also have a llama version.

Speak and Repeat Sloth

Speak and Repeat Sloth - Smockingbird's

Our handmade truffles from Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate in Kirkwood, MO have been in our top five items for a long time. They are made with clean ingredients and fair trade cocoa. They are a particular favorite for customers of the Fulton Cafe after they've had lunch and our customers when they want a treat but also make a great gift. We sell them either individually or boxed.

Handmade Truffles

Handmade Truffles - Smockingbird’s

To see these bestsellers and others, please visit our store in downtown Fulton, Missouri at 529 Court Street.